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Smarts BiFolding Door

Smarts BiFolding Door

The Smarts bi folding door is ideally suited to residential applications and boasts many of the same qualities as the SCHUCO such as multi-point locking, flat intermediate handles and a clean, modern aesthetic.

The fundamental difference between the two systems is that individual panels within the Smarts cannot be manufactured as wide or as tall as our Schuco folding door system, but what it does offer is a more cost effective option.

The Smarts is a superb bi folding door and is extremely attractive boasting a sightline of just 132mm and a 30mm low threshold option creating a flush finish from inside to out. The system operates effortlessly on four stainless steel bogey wheel assemblies which run on a dual stainless steel track.

The Smarts is ideal for residential use and offers superb value for money for bi folding doors up to 6.5 metres wide.

As the Smarts is our most cost effective bi folding door solution