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Aluminium Doors

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium doors offer strength, durability and are highly resistant to corrosion. The natural strength of aluminium gives you slim-lines, less frame and more glass. Aluminium doors are a premium product, are maintenance free and built to last, with the life span of aluminium being measured in decades rather than years. Aluminium is very sustainable, endlessly recyclable and very environmentally friendly.

Another benefit of aluminium is the ability for your doors to be coloured in any of over 200 different RAL colours and you can even have different colours inside and out.

  • Slim-line aluminium profiles, with a 47mm or 70mm deep frame.
  • Can be fitted direct to brick or into timber subframes.
  • Modern thermally broken profile provides an overall U value of 1.8 with our standard glass.
  • High security modern multi-point locking.
  • Can be made to PAS23/PAS24 security specifications if required.
  • Door system can produce both single and double doors.
  • Various styles and designs, with configurations for front doors, back doors and french patio doors.
  • Compliant to Doc L of the building regulations for new build and replacement / refurbishments.
  • Optional ramped low threshold, for wheel chair access and minimal step over.
  • A range of hardware is available in a variety of colours.

Why Aluminium?

Aluminium is a light weight, high strength material and because of these unique properties it is used in virtually every facet of the modern construction industry. From patio doors in homes to curtain walling on the tallest sky scrappers. It is easy to handle which reduces the environmental impact and cost or transportation. It is incredibly formable and can be bent or shaped into innumerable designs. These properties mean that aluminium provides architects with endless design possibilities. Aluminium is very durable and highly resistant to rust / corrosion caused by modern industrial pollutants and requires very little, long term maintenance. The life span of aluminium products is measured in decades rather than years.

Aluminium is the third most abundant material on earth after oxygen and silicon, making up 8% of the earths’ crust(3). The current reserves are estimated to last for at least 400 years without factoring in recycled aluminium(4). But due to the fact that aluminium is endlessly recyclable these reserves become in effect, inexhaustible.

Aluminium is created from bauxite ore which is mined from reserves all over the world. Bauxite is generally found in deposits 4-6m thick just below the top soil. Bauxite deposits are extracted by out-cast mining, where standard practice when preparing a site is to remove the top-soil for storage, for use in site restoration. The IAI conducts regular bauxite mine rehabilitation surveys. The survey in 2002 reported 97% of world bauxite operations had rehabilitation operations in place, and that the relationship between the total areas mined and mined area rehabilitated was 83%(5). The survey concluded that the majority of rehabilitated area was returned to its original state. This shows that the process of extracting aluminium from the environment has minimal long term impact.

Recyclable and Sustainable

Aluminium is arguably the most sustainable building material in the world and is also highly recyclable. When the old Wembley Stadium was demolished 96% of the aluminium was reclaimed and recycled. The recycling process creates high quality aluminium which loses none of the physical properties of primary aluminium and also uses just 5% of the energy it takes to create primary aluminium. This is why aluminium in generally regarded as the worlds most sustainable building material.

The current trend in environmental policies focuses in the main on sustainability and the recyclable credentials of building materials. We are all aware of the environmental factors involved and that these credentials are set play an increasingly larger role in the industry as these trends continue.

We are committed to working with our suppliers and customers in use of sustainable resources and the promotion of the sustainable credentials of aluminium fenestration products.